Decorating Tips to Help Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Published: 25th July 2012
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Most people, at one point in their life, live in a home that is smaller than they would like. Whether you live in an apartment in a big city, or have just bought a new starter home that may not have quite the square footage you thought you could afford, making the most out of the space you have is easier than you might think. There are many misconceptions about small spaces. Skilled interior designers can take a small apartment living room or cramped guest bathroom and turn it into an inviting and usable space. These tips can help you achieve the look of a professionally designed space in even the smallest of rooms.

First, let us start with color. Everyone knows that painting a small space a light color will make it look bigger right? Well, sort of right. Light colors in a small room will allow any natural light in the room to bounce off the walls creating a bright and dynamic space. This tends to make a room feel larger. However, some rooms have architectural details like small reassessed areas and painting these spaces a rich dark color can help draw your eye across your room and make it seem larger. One of the most dreaded types of spaces which are common in cities like New York, are rail road apartments. These types of living spaces are long and narrow and all the rooms flow from one into the next. Many homes also have a similar feeling in their kitchen, living, and dining areas. The trick to making these spaces feel larger is to choose a single color or colors that are in the same family to draw your eye the length of the space without any abrupt changes.

Color is not the only way to make your room appear to have more light and space. Reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass front cabinets can also give your room a feeling of openness and light. You do not have to cover your walls in mirrors but placing a mirror that reflects the style of your room on a wall opposite a window will help you take maximum advantage of the light coming in from the outdoors. A mirror across from a window will also reflect the scenery outside and if the landscaping is good that is even better your mirror will be transformed into a piece a nature inspired wall art.

Even if you have low ceilings, choosing a light fixture that will draw your eye upward will make your room appear taller. Avoid lights that hang down into your room and choose a flush mount light that has artful detailing. Recessed lighting can also draw your eye upward and extend the appearance of height in your space. Art work hung high on your walls will also draw your eyes toward the ceiling and heighten the feel of your room.

Window treatments are another choice that will greatly affect how large or small a room feels. Heavy curtains will stop your eye and make your space seem smaller than it is. Even though window sills are small, the forced perspective you get when you look out of a window allows your gaze to travel beyond the room and makes the room seem larger. In smaller rooms, choose sheer curtains, roll down shades that can be retracted when you do not need them, or leave your windows uncovered completely.


Written by Lawrence Reaves for - supplying Kirsch curtain rods and drapery hardware including: wood and wrought iron curtain rods, traverse rods, finials, rings and more.

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