Best Ways to Prepare Burgers

Published: 06th August 2012
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There are few things in life that taste better than a properly prepared hamburger. If you have good hamburger and good ingredients (cheese, onions and bun), and grill it right, you have a very tasty meal. However, this can get a bit dull after a while. So, it's a good idea to try some different ways to prepare hamburgers to take them to the next level.

First of all, any good burger must have good ground meat to taste really good. You can make it better by buying a combination of fatty and lean meats, and grind them together with salt and pepper. If you are grinding the meat together at home, it's very easy to add some other ingredients during this process. For example, for each pound of hamburger, you can mix in a few tablespoons of fresh parmesan cheese. Another good idea is to throw in a few anchovies for some unusual flavors. If you are also using pork, you can throw in a small red onion, pieces of a peeled apple and even some sage. For ground turkey, you can add in some green chilies and soy sauce.

Next, if you are grinding your own meat at home, there is no reason you cannot throw in some unusual meats as well to give your burgers a unique kick. These days you can buy elk, bison and yes, even alligator and kangaroo meat. Throw in some of those rarer meats and you really could end up with some very special hamburgers on your plate.

Another great idea is to try some different toppings for your burgers. Sure, everyone loves onions, tomatoes and cheese and lettuce, but try something different. You can try some Korean kimchi on top; this is a pickled, spicy cabbage that really can make a hamburger taste great. Or, you can try all different types of sliced cheese on the top of your burger for a different flavor. Good choices are Brie and also goat cheese.

Also, we all know that hamburgers are a staple of the American menu, but this does not mean you cannot take your American burger on a bit of an 'international tour' and really spice it up. You can take some ground lamb and mix it in with your hamburger, as well as with some Indian spices and green chili too. This can really make your hamburgers a bit hit. No one will have ever tasted anything quite like them. Another good idea is to throw in ground pork, chorizo sausage and cilantro. This will give your burgers a bit of a Mexican food sort of flavor.

When you have decided on what to put in your burgers, you also should remember these very important general tips for cooking your hamburgers:

Remember to not handle the meat a lot. It is common for people to press the meat in their hands to form a patty. This can start to melt the fats in the burger and will make the patties very dense. You should toss the meat from one hand to another to make your patties.

Never push on the meat during grilling. Why do people do this? It's a bad idea. It makes it too dense and it also squeezes the juices out.

Make an indent in the top of the burger. Hamburgers have a tendency to get a round top during cooking. This will make the condiments come off as you are eating. So, when you are forming the patties, push down in the middle of the patty a bit so there is an indentation. This will give you a flat burger when it is done.


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